TMS Airfreight Security

29. Dezember 2018

2018-12:  TMS Airfreight Security: Upgrade check against the EU-Database in order to adhere with the German Federal Aviation Authority (LBA) requirements

It is now possible to have the check-result confirmed by the user.

The airfreight security check of an address against the Union database on supply chain security (EU database) is currently based on the validation number deposited in the address.
The check is carried out from within the shipment. Defined addresses are checked automatically. You can also manually start this check.
The validation result is displayed directly next to the address. The result is also saved in the eFile of the order.

Upon activating this additional function the user is requested to examine and confirm the matching adress data from the order with the address data from the EU-Database.
A new mask displays the two addresses including the validation number.

If the user confirms with YES, the secure status is assigned to the address in the order.
If the user clicks NO, the address in the order is classified as UNSECURE.

The user’s response and the address entered in the order are saved in the syslog. It is thus possible to see which address data are available at the time of the security check.
As usual, the result from the EU database is saved in the eFile.

You can activate this function in the Basic data > Airfreight > ‚Union database request with user confirmation‘

The function is available from version 7.7.2