Always keep an eye on the status of your order

28. September 2020

In the TMS, CargoSoft differentiates between status types and status events.

Status events are statuses that are supplied by various interface providers.

These are, for example, status from Oceanbooking, CHAMP or connected truck companies.

In the master data you can control for each individual status what should happen when a status event occurs. For example:

  • an email should be sent to the user or an email distributor,
  • the status date should be written in an order field (e.g. actual departure),
  • a certain status type should be written in the order.

Status events can be configured in Basic Data > Admin > Status types > Status events.

Status types indicate the order status. You can freely define these status types in Basic data > Admin > Status types > Status types.

These statuses are displayed in the order on the status tab. They indicate what has already happened in the order.

You can also view the status of your order in the dashboard.

The status can be set in the order in the following ways:

  • They can be entered manually in the order,
  • automatically via a filling rule, for example printing a form,
  • automatically when a status event is received

By setting a status type, further processes can be triggered, for example:

  • the status can also be automatically written into existing house files,
  • interfaces to partners or eTracking can be triggered.