2019-06: Define whether a service order shall be printed or mailed to your service provider

24. Juni 2019

Define whether a service order shall be printed or mailed to your service provider

Transport orders are created on tab services in your CargoSoft TMS. Usually a service order is send out per EDI when selecting the option to transmit. For example in format FORTRAS to the transport company Oetjen. If no Interface is set up with your provider you wish to print or email the order or both.

CargoSoft allows you to pre-configure per service provider what action shall be executed when selecting ‚transmit‘. The configuration guideline can be found here:

Send service order via mail/print/mailprin(t)

Sending a service order usually triggers an EDI data transmission.
It is also possible to generate an email with the forms attached, a print of the documents, or a combination of both when sending a service order. This requires a specific qualifier per address.

Basic data settings:

Basic data > Company > Services:
Per branch and mode and the corresponding sector and service type, you can now additionally indicate one or more reports which will be pre-assigned for the formatting of the documents.
Select the report ID and a mark. The search field for the reports only displays TP2 reports. The mark determines which report will be used when first sending (new order), updating or cancelling. You can additionally deposit a text module for each report.
We have furthermore implemented the field ‘Form selection’. If this checkbox is activated and the application is able to determine a combination of multiple documents, a selection mask for reports will open. If this checkbox is not activated, all determined report combinations are automatically attached to the email or printed immediately.

Basic data > Addresses > Addresses > Partner > Mailing:
The preallocation of a partner for an email contact can be limited to a specific mode, sector, branch, main and sub department, and service type.
Enter one or more lines. A mask to select the partner opens upon sending. All partners will be listed if you have not defined limitations.
If only one partner is entered or if your combination only produces one partner, the email address is automatically pre-assigned. The search mask will not open.

Basic data > Admin > EDI > EDI partner:
MAIL, PRINT, MAILPRIN must be entered as EDI partner.

Basic data > Addresses > Addresses > Address > EDI references:
You can use one of the following references per address designated as a service provider: MAIL, PRINT, MAILPRIN.

MAIL: When sending, the application automatically generates an email with documents. If the report selection only has one possible result, the report will be generated immediately. A mask to select the reports will open (Form selection = J) if multiple report combinations are possible.

PRINT: The print is automatically started when sending. The report is printed immediately if the report selection leads to one result (form selection = J).

MAILPRIN: The application generates an email with document upon sending. The print is also started automatically.