Tips for CargoSoft user

26. Oktober 2020

Send ConsolCollect invoice by email

2020-10:  When creating the Airfreight Consol Collect invoice via the F6 menu, you can also send the invoice by email.
The email window opens and a stored email address is suggested. The invoice and the cost specification are attached to the email.
The configuration takes place in the address of the invoice recipient (destination agent) on the GENERAL > INVOICE DATA tab:
In the field ‚Distribute via‘ choose between ‚Print and E-Mail‘ or ‚E-Mail only‘. Enter the receiving email address in the E-Mail address field.
The E-Mail address is mandatory.
Available from 2020.1

TMS documentation and release notes now online available

2020-10:  To start the Online Help simply push the F1-Button when inside the TMS or select Help > Online-Webhelp from the menu.

Post an incoming invoice directly from an accrual

2020-09: You can click on one or more accruals to generate an incoming invoice from them.
The data of the accrual(s) are pre-assigned directly into the generated incoming invoice.
To create an incoming invoice from several accruals, use the programme under Environment> Invoicing> Create payable from accrual‘.
The same function can also be found in the local menu of the account sheet on the ‚Open accruals‘ tab.
Further information can be found in our online documentation.

To use the function you need the authorization object ‚FAKEINUSRUECKSTELLUNG‘.
Available from version 7.8.1 .

Make full use of the possibilities of your TMS!

2020-08: If you use the IMP / or BIT platform or the DAKOSY port connection, for example, you can have the actual arrival or actual departure dates written in the transport tab of your file.
If a status event arrives via the interface, the information can be processed automatically by the system.
This is very easy to set up: Open the master data> Admin> Status types> Status events.
For the provider IMP, in status 910, in the column ‚fills field‘, enter the selection 003-actual arrival.
For the provider ZAPP-SEA, set the option 002-actual departure in the ATD status in the ‚Fills field‘ column.
You can of course assign a suitable transport tab field to each further status event so that this will be filled automatically.
These settings work equally with all providers you have connected. Thus also for the BIT, ocean booking, Portbase, all TOM connections and for the CHAMP connection (provider TRAXON).

Change open accruals

2020-06: Previously, accruals had to be cancelled and then created again. You can now change an open accrual by double-clicking or via the local menu. Once you save, the old accrual is automatically cancelled.

Airfreight Import > enter partial shipment information

2020-06: In air freight import files the screen ‚Partial Shipment‘ is available. Here you can enter the partial deliveries including the package details and flight data for information purposes. Open the ‚Partial Shipment‘ data entry window in the Header Data > Flight Data tab via the local menu.

Merge .pdf attachments into one file while mailing

2020-04: Per address that you are mailing out of CargoSoft TMS you can now define to merge PDF documents. The setting applies to all e-mail addresses belonging to this address. The setting is pre-assigned into the e-mail window where the setting can be manually changed. The default is based on the first entered e-mail address and will be set when selecting or manually entering an e-mail address. If several .pdf attachments are merged in the e-mail, the attachment name is the file number. If no file number can be determined, the file name is composed of the time stamp (DateTimeId).

The setting is available for mailing

  • out of CargoSoft TMS
  • via the CargoCom
  • the automatic ATLAS invoice

Pre-requisite for merging .pdf documents is the installation of PDF24Writer!

Function available from version 2020.1

Copy files from the dashboard

2020-01: You can easily copy a file from the dashboard. To do this, use the file search in the dashboard.
Click on the desired file in the search result and select ‚Copy file‘ from the local menu (right mouse button).
The dashboard can be found in the ENVIRONMENT > DASHBOARD menu
Alternatively, you can integrate the dashboard into your start page. You can find the setting for this in the menu EXTRAS > OPTIONS.
Available from version 7.8.2

2019-11: Vessel Maintenance – Modify several files at once

With the CargoSoft Vessel Maintenance you can select the files to be modified via a search. Within the result you can enter new values to be saved in all selected files.
For example, record the vessels rate of exchange, modify the vessel name and voyage or enter the actual time of arrival.
There are various other order fields available. As of version 7.8.3 the fields Port of loading and Port of destination are added.
The vessel maintenance can be found in menu Sea freight > Vessel Maintenance

2019-09:  Search for files with contents from the quality card

Advanced search functionality has been implemented into the extended dynamical search function.
You can now search with data from the quality card.
Select the fields from table eaqmkarte_t.
To be able to search with the qm-card fields the permission for obect DYN_SUCHE_QMKARTE is required.
Please ask your administrator to add the right to your profile.

2019-06:  Do you wish to see your revenues and expenses per container in your account sheet?

On tab overview container in your account sheet you can see all revenues and expenses broken down per container. To allow the system the calculation per Container it is necessary to enter the containers in your billing codes or activity types when processing payables and receivables.
CargoSoft TMS supports this process with pop-up windows of all available containers for that file. To activate this function go to basic data > billing codes > options > In FCL Shipments enter Containernumber with billing code and activity types > Enter container number in Payables (FCL only)

2019-05:  Calculator in CargoSoft TMS

Do you need a calculator while processing your order? Simply press the keys CTRL+F12 or select from menu EXTRAS > CALCULATOR. A litte calulator appears.
Press the ENTER key and the result will be written into the active field.

2019-04:  Enter and print the date for VGM closing

Do you require a date field for VGM closing in your file? You can simply add it via the mask editor.
This field is now also available in the formgen to placed in your forms for print. (Available from CargoSoft-Version 7.7.3)

2019-04:  Enter booking number for VGM transmission per container

If you have different booking numbers for you shipment, you can enter the information for each container. Just add the field booking number into the container tab for the VGM Service order via the mask editor.
The booking number must be transmitted from the Service header data or alternatively for each container. Available from CargoSoft Version 7.5.2.

2019-03: CargoSoft Webhelp now online

We are pleased to offer you our online help starting with CargoSoft version 7.8.2.

The webhelp will give you answers to your questions about the CargoSoft TMS modules Airfreight, Seafreight and Road. Parts of the master data is also available with the go-live.

A new button in the help-menue and on your start-page takes you directly to the help area of the module in which you are logged in.

The programm suggests possible solutions as soon as you start typing your question.

The release notes will also be available in the webhelp.

2019-02: Show Oceanbooking Number in your order

When creating a booking from your seafreight file, the booking number is displayed in the field oceanbooking.
The field oceanbooking can be added to your order with the mask editor.
If more than one booking is created, the last booking number is shown.

You will also find the information for each created booking tab Information > syslog.
A status can be created with rule 41 to automatically set a status when creating an oceanbooking.

2019-01: Enter a note for each file

Use the Memo function in your file to help you remember related issues.
When opening a file the memo will appear automatically. The title bar displays *****Memo***** when a memo has been entered.
To enter a new memo to your file click on the button memo in the quick menu or select memo from the menu > file.

2918-12: Place the Dashboard directly into your TMS start page

The dashboard allows you to define different searches for files, addresses or the EDI-mailbox. You can open the dashboard via the menu Environment > Dashboard.

You may also setup your system to show the dashboard immediately on your start page.
To do so, activate the dashboard for you front page in menue Extras > Options > tab: Display > field: Welcome page

Additional information about the dashboard can be found in manual E_EN Common Functions in all Modules.

2018-11: Seafreight and Road: Insert description of goods from MS-Excel

Do you have large goods descriptions and wish to upload the details from Excel?

You can do so by simply copying the data from Excel to the clipboard. Click into the TMS goods description and select paste (CTRL+V). The copied Excel collumns must be identical with the TMS-columns.

2018-08:  Seafreight and Road: Insert description of goods from MS-Excel

Do you have large goods descriptions and wish to upload the details from Excel? You can do so by simply copying the data from Excel to the clipboard.
Click into the TMS goods description and select paste (CTRL+V). The copied Excel collumns must be identical with the TMS-columns.

2018-07:  Search for files with MRN:

Enter an MRN with the advanced dynamic search and find your file.

For this, add the MRN field to the search by clicking on the plus symbol.

The search with MRN is available as of CargoSoft version 7.4.5.