Address check of Service Providers

28. April 2020

2020-04: Address check of Service Providers: Allow the input of checked addresses in the file, only

When entering certain addresses into the CargoSoft-file they can be checked of following criteria.

If one or more criteria is invalid, the address is locked and can not be selected into the file.

  1. Does the minimum wage certificate (MiLog) exist?
  2. Is a valid insurance verification available?
  3. Is an AEO F status attached to the address or is there a safety declaration available (one option is sufficient)?

To use this function, following settings in the basic data are required:

  • Company > General Company Parameter > Specials tab: Here you will find a new section ‚Address Check Service Provider‘ to activate the function and to enter the address classifications, for addresses that you wish to be checked.
    The defined classifications must be entered in the addresses > General tab > classifications.
  • Addresses > Address > MiLog/Vers. tab: Enter the information about minimum wage certificate and insurance policy.
  • Addresses > Customs > General tab: Enter the information about the AEO certification or declaration of security.

Function available from version 7.8.1