CargoCom/EDI – the interface for efficient data communication

With the implementation of “CargoCom/EDI” in the CargoSoft TMS, the organisation of the logistics chain from sender to receiver is completely mapped out. With this tool you have a wide range of possibilities to exchange information with your partners on the basis of EDIFACT or CargoIMP*.

Delivery call-offs, delivery slips, invoices and credit vouchers reach their respective recipients in electronic form convenienly and easily. This saves lots of time and costs for all parties involved.

This mature solution ensures rapid and efficient data communication.

Carefully thought-out security concepts as well as data encoding protect you from access by unauthorised visitors.

*) CargoIMP stands for “Cargo Interchange Message Procedures” and is a data format defined by IATA/ATA which describes a series of EDI messaging for electronic data exchange in the context of air cargo.