Customer Relationship Management

CargoSoft CRM – consistent focus on customer relationships

CargoSoft CRM supports you in building up and expanding lastingly profitable customer relationships, and it has a considerable influence on the success of your business.

New customer acquisition and customer service represent a large part of daily operations due to the intensive nature of the process. In order to control this successfully, the CargoSoft Customer Relationship Management software was developed precisely for the needs of logistics service providers.

It permits a systematic representation and management of inter-departmental and even inter-branch customer-related data in areas such as sales, instalments/offers, outstandings and reminders and project management. Moreover, it supports communication with dependable figures and facts, which are ultimately seen as context for your company’s procedures.

Contents of CargoSoft CRM at a glance:

  • customer and contact administration
  • contact management
  • customer relationships, customer-supplier management
  • structured provision of trade lines
  • e-documents / call reports
  • graphic overview of results (gross forwarding revenue, kg, cbm, TEU)
  • sales figures (visitor frequency, revenue etc.)
  • sales campaigns and promotions
  • plans for results and follow-up monitoring
  • task manager as separate frame for displaying all open activities, appointments, reminders, sales calls, events etc.

All employees, or those that you authorise, can configure their customer contacts on the basis of a comprehensive, unified and continually updated database. Important information is always available to employees where it is needed. This is the decisive contribution to lasting customer loyalty.

CargoSoft CRM based on the Internet is available to you on Web 2.0 or Ajax, and it can be employed either as an integrated solution in CargoSoft TMS or a stand-alone product as an independent system. Use CargoSoft CRM to secure your market share in the face of competition and strengthen your customer relationships in the long-term.