Technical Consulting

Technical consulting – so that you get everything from a single source

In many businesses, the data processing expertise necessary to set up processes and network them as necessary is missing. So that you can concentrate on your core competences, we offer you not only optimal applications, but also far-reaching IT services. We come directly to your premises. Or you can make use of our remote service.

You can ask our specialists all your questions about IT and explain your problems. Below you will find a small sample of our range of services.

  • Technical efficiency check
  • Delivery and installation of hardware components (complete or partial)
  • Security (data backup, anti-virus, anti-spam, firewall etc.)
  • DataSecurity Service (regular data backup check, database consistency test, test of database chunks, restoration test, database performance check) and if necessary database recovery
  • VPN connections for worldwide linking of all business locations
  • Optimal IT infrastructure (e.g. virtualisation of servers) to increase IT efficiency

Here is a small example that has already been very useful to many customers:

By consolidating and centralising systems and data we have appreciably accelerated and simplified IT processes that used to take a long time. Providing applications, upgrades and patches now only requires a minimum amount of time. And now your employees will no longer experience interference in their work. The acceleration of processes will save you lots of time and money.

Make an appointment with us to get an exact idea of the complete scope of our services. Together we will find the optimum solution for you.