This module ensures maximum possible transparency along the order chain. An order for various articles can be split into a number of shipments (part-deliveries). The order data therefore provides an overview of all related shipments. The same principle applies when we take a shipment as our basis because it also allows us to draw conclusions about several orders and articles from one shipment. The order data are entered into the system. Articles and order items can be flexibly named and an order list created. Process step which needs to be performed can be established at order level on the basis of set milestones: scheduled, estimated and actual.

Scheduled values represent the ideal process. Estimated values may be altered in the course of the shipment. Actual values denote the final status.

KPI reports between the milestones can be used to monitor the efficient step-by-step fulfillment of the order.

The SCM system is based on rules. The individually adjustable rules indicate when the ordering function shuts down – for example, when insufficient goods are delivered. An individual authorization process permits direct consultation between the ordering party and the supplier, and the transport companies involved.