Saas - hire instead buy

SaaS (Software as a Service) – the alternative to independent operation

With CargoSoft TMS, you can choose between two licensing models.

Either you decide for the classic, established path and acquire the licence for a one-time fee. Or you rent CargoSoft TMS as “Software as a Service.” The popularity of this version is increasing siginificantly. More than 1000 users already value the advantages of this comprehensive service.

The most important advantages of SaaS at a glance:

  • Flexible WAN* structure for easy connection with international partners
  • Platform for e-commerce – B2B – for complete handling of business processes
  • Clear basis for calculation of IT investments, which will vary with the utilisation ratio. So the price-/performance relationship is right.
  • We are responsible for availability, data security, licensing, databases, hardware and access to software which is always up to date.

Let us advise you which is the most appropriate and economical solution for your business.

* WAN is a computer network which, in contrast to a LAN, extends over a very large geographical area and the number of computers which can be connected is unlimited. WANs extend over countries and continents and link separate LANs or also individual computers.