You can count on a clean solution: the CargoSoft TMS Module for accounting integration

This intelligent solution provides a smooth data transfer between the financial accounting system you have implemented and CargoSoft TMS. All the data you consider relevant flow into the corresponding applications.

At present more than forty different accounting programs are connected. Hence we have all the established programs in our portfolio – including Datev, Diamant, Exact, MS Dynamics NAV, SAP and Varial.


This module makes the following processes automatic:

  • transfer of accounting data
  • transfer of debtor and creditor data to CargoSoft TMS
  • master data reconciliation
  • transfer of outstanding items to CargoSoft TMS for credit limit check
  • transfer of incoming invoices, outgoing invoices and provisions

The current outstanding items are displayed in the customer base and hence also directly at the shipment registration. At order registration and invoicing, a simultaneous and intelligent credit limit check is performed.