Land transport – on the right track with CargoSoft

For the processing of continental transport services CargoSoft TMS offers as an additional component its land transport solution. The additional haul for sea and air cargo includes all essential procedures of the collection, main haul and deliveries, and, considered separately, it can be managed optimally for purposes of a cost analysis.

CargoSoft land transport at a glance:

  • connections to ATLAS
  • quote calculations
  • credit voucher process with partners
  • Formdesigner
  • Statistikgenerator


Freight transport and groupage services are easy to process thanks to the structured specifications. Of course, shipping accounts, invoices (revenue/posting), consolidation and also real-time credit limit check in connection with the outstanding items of the financial accounting constitute an important component, and for us these form part of the standard for a transport solution.

With connections to BHT, DAKOSY/ZAPP and ATLAS, you can send the data that has been collected at the touch of a button. Acknowledgments from the customs office flow either directly into connected items or can be forwarded by e-mail.

Land Transport Headdata

Land Transport Distribution

Transportation Route