2020-08: CargoSoft API TMS-Connect: Status query for your customers directly on your homepage

25. August 2020

You can offer your customers a simple status query on your own homepage. Your customer simply enters his reference and immediately receives the current status of the shipment. It is not necessary to log into the system.

CargoSoft offers you a new web service for this status query. This accesses the TMS database directly.

The return values of this API are the information from the transport tab, i.e. the locations including the planned and actual times.

The transport tab is maintained manually or automatically with the information from upstream systems such as Portbase, IMP, Oceanbooking, TOM, etc.

You can determine which reference should be used for the status query, this can be the customer reference, B/L number or file number.

Please note that the integration, i.e. the presentation on your homepage must be done by your Homepage service provider.
CargoSoft provides technical documentation for the API.