ATLAS conversion NCTS 9.1 / AES 3.0 postponed

21. April 2023

On 03 February 2023, we informed you about the preliminary planning for the upcoming ATLAS release change. Due to bottlenecks in certification, German Customs has extended the soft migration phase until 29.10.2023 with ATLAS-Info 0440/23.

This extension will also result in changes to our planning. In concrete terms, this now means for the changeover planning:

  • April / May 2023: Delivery of CargoSoft TMS version 2023.1 with database changes (REQUIRED UPDATE for the ATLAS changes / 1st part)
  • September 2023: Training on the NCTS and AES changes (online webinars / specific dates to follow)
  • September 2023: Delivery of the final changes NCTS and AES with CargoSoft TMS version 2023.2 (REQUIRED UPDATE for the ATLAS changes / 2nd part)
  • End of September 2023: Changeover of procedures / go-live (we will communicate the specific changeover date in good time)

Cargosoft offers you support for your ATLAS conversion. The training courses for the individual customs procedures will take place in September 2023 (see above). As major changes are taking place in the customs procedures, resulting in technical and software changes, we strongly recommend that you attend these training sessions. Our common goal is to ensure that you continue to benefit from the smooth operation of the customs procedures after the changeover.

For your IT department, the periods April / May 2023 for release 2023.1 (REQUIRED for ATLAS processing / 1st part) and September 2023 for release 2023.2 (REQUIRED for ATLAS processing / 2nd part) are relevant.

We will keep you up to date via the newsletter and our web page.